Bankruptcy Case management

Statutory restructuring or Chapter 11 proceedings can be a powerful tool which protects a troubled company from litigation and provides a legal framework to effectively restructure its balance sheet and restore profitability.

These proceedings must be used with care and forethought. They are court driven and are complex, expensive and lengthy. The average proceeding will take at least two years to completion with significant legal, management and accounting costs.

Many proceedings fail – up to 85% of filings never receive final ratification. Ultimately failure will simply result in the dissipation of corporate value leaving less for stakeholders.

Clearly the choice to use Chapter 11 proceedings requires expert planning and analysis. Once this choice has been made equal care must be made in execution.

At TCMI our case directors are Certified Turnaround Professionals and all have experience with Chapter 11 proceedings. In addition we are one of the few turnaround firms with experience in statutory restructuring in both Canada and the United States.

Our expertise allows the debtor and its counsel to focus on critical strategic issues necessary to a successful reorganization. From the initial planning phase to final approval we deliver consistent, current and complete information to meet the demands of the fast paced restructuring environment.

Our Bankruptcy case management services include;

  • Planning for Bankruptcy filing
  • First day notices
  • Facilitation of Debtor in Possession (DIP) financing
  • Schedules and Statement of Affairs
  • US Trustee reporting requirements
  • Claims Management
  • Avoidance Actions Including Litigation Support
  • Plan Solicitation and Ballot Tabulation
  • Post Confirmation Services