Performance Improvement

The circumstances that lead to a financial crisis vary amongst companies. Whatever they may be the singular cause of difficulties is rooted in a lack of a performance management culture.

Financial deterioration is never precipitate. Often apparently healthy companies have numerous warning signs that they are facing difficulties.

These are likely to include:

  • Poor to non-existent controls in the areas of manufacturing, planning and procurement.
  • A lack of rigour surrounding the cash management process
  • No linkage between financial measurements and key performance drivers
  • Lack of accountability within the ranks of management
  • General lack of focus and ownership of results

Often corporate denial- a creature of infinite resource, is pervasive preventing an internal objective evaluation of an apparently healthy company. Notably, for every company facing liquidation-there was once a healthy company.

At TCMI our Performance Improvement services help companies avoid profitability and liquidity challenges before they arise.

Working with the management team of underperforming companies, or healthy companies with underperforming divisions, TCMI helps improve financial and operating performance by developing and implementing comprehensive profitability and working capital improvement plans.

In either management or advisory roles, the experience, expertise and leadership offered by our senior professionals is of critical value in establishing clarity around key issues, and ensuring that viable performance improvement plans are developed, executed and monitored with precision.

The leadership offered by our team is especially critical when the existing management is inexperienced in the implementation of major performance improvement initiatives such as capacity rationalization and major cost reductions.

Our Performance Improvement services include:

  • Cost structure analysis and amendment
  • Profitability analysis for: customer, product or channel
  • Opportunity analysis in the relevant market space
  • Profitability improvement planning
  • Cash management improvements
  • Financial modeling
  • Development of operating plans
  • Plan implementation and modelling