More than ever companies are facing rapid change on all fronts. These include: global competition, economic uncertainty, environmental issues, technological change, a capricious consumer and even the effects of terrorist acts.

This fundamental struggle with change, particularly in an overleveraged company has the potential to create a crisis environment which is rife with operational and financial problems.

When a crisis does develop custodial management is ill equipped to deal with the high stakes challenges that have been created. Challenges that include threats from varying stakeholders,cash shortages, imperfect information and the loss of major customers.

A carousel of chaos is created which can quickly become a vortex destroying a company which could have been restored to profitability.

Through our Turnaround Consulting practice,TCMI offers critical assistance to companies who are in crisis or clearly in need of a turnaround.

Working in an advisory capacity or as officers of the company we rapidly assist in the stabilization of the company, make tough decisions, implement new strategies.

Our case directors are all Certified Turnaround Professionals with front line experience in the implementation of a strategic, financial and statutory turnaround. Ensuring that our clients receive the best advice possible we utilize a team approach to provide both depth and breath to the decision making process.

Our turnaround services include:

  • Addressing liquidity concerns
  • Stabilizing core operations
  • Immediate staffing of critical senior management positions
  • Cash control
  • Business plan development
  • Identification and disposition of non core assets
  • Formulation and implementation of cost reduction initiatives
  • Implementation of operational restructuring
  • Managing creditor communications and negotiations
  • Pre bankruptcy planning
  • Mitigation of negative effects on employees
  • Managing communication processes with board members, management,creditors and employees